The Danish bank, Sydbank, had strong opinions on how its new digital displays should appear, but there are no standard solutions on the market that meet these specific demands. Therefore, system integrator, Atea, and Sydbank approached us with the problem and we set out to design a custom-tailored solution…

All companies with a physical presence in inner city areas fight for the pedestrians’ attention. That is why many companies choose digital displays that allow the content to be rapidly swapped, depending on which campaign and message they are promoting at any given time.

This was exactly the case with Sydbank, who wanted to be able to change the content of their displays at a moment´s notice, as well as easily create content that is tailored for individual geographic locations. But for Sydbank, it was also essential that their new digital displays were presented in a very clean and elegant way in its branches.

No visible screws or uneven transitions between different types of materials were allowed, and a number of customized adjustments were necessary in order to meet this demand. We presented an idea, which we worked closely on with Sydbank´s interior designer, Sonja Dollerup, to refine and ultimately develop a prototype that was tested in a single branch.


“It is important to us that there are no visible

screws and that the design is super-clean.”

(Sonja Dollerup, Interior Designer)

One design. Multiple variants.

Fundamentally, there is a single design with two distinct variations. It was a requirement that the displays are mountable either on the floor or hanging from the ceiling. And common to both variants is that all mounting screws are completely hidden within the outer frame. This was a specific wish from Sydbank that simply had to be fulfilled.

Another requirement was a homogeneous and clean transition between different types of materials in order to for the displays to have a consistently clean and elegant appearance. This required special lacquering of the aluminum frames that matched the color of the actual screens perfectly.

The result was a display screen solution with a clean look, regardless if the screens were mounted on the floor or from the ceiling – and whether they were viewed from the street or from inside a branch.

Today, Sydbank has these customized display solutions installed in 8 of their branches – and there are plans to expand with an additional 12-14 branches.

Vertically or horizontally

After the first displays were mounted in Sydbank´s branches, a wish for yet another variant emerged – a version where the actual screen is mounted horizontally. The display type is not exactly the same, but the design of the outer frame is.

This new variant is for internal use and is e.g. installed in the canteen at Sydbank’s headquarters, running excerpts from Trustpilot and Facebook, commercials, statistics, etc.


No-compromise displays

In the vertical solution, LG 55” High Brightness screens that offer brightness of up to 2500-nits are mounted. High brightness screens are ideal for use in windows, as they adapt to daylight as well as dusk and darkness, and can be easily viewed from any angle without reflections or dark shadows on the screen.

In the horizontal variant – used primarily for indoor use – professional SH7DB LG screens with 700-nits brightness are mounted.


“We found the collaboration with InterSign
very beneficial, as René possesses great
knowledge about the screens and has a
really good relationship with LG and Smart-
Sign, which definitely makes
it much easier for everything to work out.”
(Henrik Sønderby Bøystrup,
IT Business Architect)


In both cases, the screens are sturdy and extremely reliable. And they need to be, because they run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In conclusion, the additional effort and the courage and willingness to enter the unknown territory of a non-standard solution made all the difference to Sydbank, as they now have a solution that they are very satisfied with and that fits perfectly into their overall brand identity and expression.